I called the office on Tuesday. They fit me in as a new patient for Wednesday.

Everything was so simple. I didn't have to wait weeks to be seen or keep calling to schedule. Simple and complete. It's nice to enjoy going to the doctor.

Too often we dread those visits. I don't going to Outlook Behavioral Health. The accept my insurance and that means one less thing for me to worry about. Dr.

Stoudmire is the awesome. They even gave my son something to color. I will definitely continue here and HIGHLY recommend!

Kudos to Dr. Stoudmire and his staff

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i would agree except for the dr part but i love my therapist and shes hot to

to Anonymous Statesville, North Carolina, United States #690115

mine too we probably got the same one mathews? blond? the dr seems nice tome

Concord, North Carolina, United States #623324

I can't believe how *** people are. I work here and love it.

Glad Kayla is gone for whatever reason. She hardly did any work any way.

to Anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #623422

aww I was just trying to be like the doctor though.. who wouldn't want to just sit there and get paid? I did some claims every once in a while ;)


lol Wow. This post is about ridiculous.

First of all no one would ever say that, and secondly Dr. Stoudmire doesn't even SEE patients so it's obviously a lie.

It's plain to see that Lindsey, Coleen, or Dr. Stoudmire himself wrote this.

to kdr13 #626095

Same ex-employee writing fake bad reviews

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